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Stockton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Stockton Motorcycle Injury Attorney

A motorcycle accident almost always results in injury to the rider, frequently catastrophic injury or death. If the actions of another motorist or road conditions caused the crash, contact the Sacramento motorcycle injury lawyers of Law Offices of Lance V. Friel. We represent motorbike accident victims in Northern California. Having seen the devastation to riders and their families, our Sacramento-based law firm is also dedicated to motorcyclist safety and public awareness.

Motorcycle Riders at Risk, But Others Usually at Fault
The statistics bear out that operating a motorcycle is a risky proposition more than 2,000 motorcyclists are killed in the United States each year. Accident data also reveal that responsibility for the accident more often lies with the other driver.

The large majority of motorcycle accidents are intersection crashes, and often involved traffic violations by the other driver failure to yield the right of way, illegal turning, speeding or failure to obey a stop sign or traffic control signal.

The other driver is responsible for the crash in about two-thirds of motorcycle accidents. Failure to see the motorcycle or seeing the motorcyclist too late to avoid the collision are the most common scenarios. The single biggest danger to a motorcycle rider is drivers making left turns when the cycle is proceeding straight through an intersection.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Offices of Lance V. Friel offers extensive experience in motorcycle accident cases. We have secured compensation for all types of injuries associated with motorcycling accidents:

  • Head injury Injuries to the face, fractured skulls and closed head injuries are far more common in motorcycle crashes than other vehicle accidents. A traumatic brain injury may change the victim's life forever, often resulting in permanent mental and motor skill impairment.
  • Broken bones and internal injury Another common injury in motorcycle accidents is groin injury suffered when the bike strikes another car or a fixed object. We have seen every type of bone fracture and internal injury, including broken legs, ankles and feet, broken arms and hand injury. Broken bones can take months to heal or result in permanent disability, and organ damage or internal injury may go undiagnosed initially.
  • Paralysis and spinal cord injury Injury to the spine (neck or back injury) is all too often the result in cycle crashes. The victim may be paralyzed completely or severely limited due to pain or damage to the vertebrae and connecting tissues.
  • Road rash, burns and lacerations Protective boots and clothing can reduce the injuries, but many riders still suffer severe injuries from sliding on pavement after being thrown from the bike at impact or when spilling the cycle in trying to avoid a collision. Lacerations are severe cuts, often leading to scarring, nerve damage and dangerous infection. "Road rash" is extremely painful damage to surface layers of skin caused by friction with pavement and compounded by gravel and debris embedded in underlying tissues. The heat generated by friction or contact with engine parts can result in substantial burns to the victim.

Compensation for Motorcycle Injuries We send investigators and sometimes accident reconstruction specialists to the scene of a cycle accident to determine if the other driver's negligence or hazardous road conditions led to the accident. Offices of Lance V. Friel aggressively pursues compensation through negotiated insurance settlement or trial. We have succeeded on behalf of motorcycle accident victims in obtaining damages for:

  • Medical expenses
  • All future medical care, including personal care for brain injury, surgery, physical therapy, skin grafts and other treatment
  • Loss of wages and replacement of future earnings
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Pain and suffering

In fatal motorcycle accidents, we help families recover wrongful death damages for medical and funeral expenses, lost income of the loved one, and loss of consortium with that person who was so important in their lives.

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